Johann Fruhmann

„One day Fruhmann’s works will count as some of the most important testimonials of representationally free painting within the Austrian art of the second half of the century.”

Kristian Sotriffer, 1964

„Within Austrian visual arts between 1956 and the beginning of the eighties, there was no other than Fuhrmann, who could consciously depict colour with greatest tension of material, radiance and development. He created the most personal, unmistakable and independent paintings with greatest vigour and sensibility.”

Peter Baum, 1989

“With regards to processing informal and abstract expressionism in Austria, Johann Fruhmann’s works – both significant and versatile – are a benchmark.”
Rudolf Leopold, 2005

“I have come to know the extensive works – spanning over many decades – of a highly sensitive artist in search of the essence of painting. An artist that draws from nature and the everyday world, translating to abstract and highly aesthetic depictions that distinctively remain in your memory as indelible imagery. An artist, that understands the potential of painting and has the ability to implement colour and form, surface and space poetically – perhaps even sensually – creating new realities.”

Günther Oberhollenzer, 2018